iPhoto portraits (i only had a few minutes with her)

Its amazing what one can do with a beautiful woman & an iPhone. She resembled Audrey Hepburn, her facial bone structure, so i thought to edit the images as a bit timeless…She is my physical therapist & i shot these in her place of business, here in Birmingham, Alabama.

keep calm & meow on

these kittens were at my daughter’s last cross country meet. they were surrounded by hundreds of people & quite a few dogs. neither kitten showed any fear. the shirt is a bonus.

pun intended

 Mums the word I’ve got balls I’ve been pieced togetherI’m tired These pix were taken on an overcast, blah day & taken within a few minutes of each other, not far from my neighborhood.  I’ve just started driving again & the feeling of freedom was so intense, I felt as though i were flying.  I had only…