finding a monster in my bed

somedays it isn’t worth it to make the bed. i may upset the beastie that has burrowed deep inside the blankets. Ivy is very smart. I should have spent the day as she did.

somebody’s watching you

i feel a bit lucky. Ivy @ her best. Only the coolest witches are lucky enough to love the blackest of cats…adopt one, if your brave enough.

ladies & gentleman may I present…Princess Ivy

Today reached 80 degrees. My daughter covered Ivy in this furry blanket. I could barely get her to open her eyes. Ivy is fat, she has a black/brown coat, but she seeks heat. She sleeps in sun spots throughout the day. In the winter she would sleep on the vents, she got dandruff from dry…

never too hot for Mittens

The day I am able to take a photograph of a black cat without having it’s eyes overexposed is a day I await with…ugh I was going to try to be a grown up about it, but dammit, I CANNOT do it! I will NEVER get a picture of my Ivy or this beauty. One…