my cat loves fresh cut flowers

I went to visit a friend in Calera, Alabama. Which is Alabama country. I saw Queen Anne’s lace & Black-eyed Susans on the side of the road. When i stopped & chopped them using a key to the house, i found a Scottish thistle…which are super sharp. They look a bit wilted here, but they…

an Alabama farm…really?!

emu, llama, chickens, rooster, sheep…all in a pasture of fall yellow flowers. it felt more like seeing a gathering of Noah’s animals. It was so cool! ~amy

a westie out west

and of course, the fabulous Ms. Bonnie, a Cairn Terrier. Brody is the Westie. Both dogs & photographs are property of my twin brother, Jason. He lives in Berkeley, California

kicked to the curb

i’ve been dazzled by the stunning wildflowers that borders most of Alabama roads this spring. i had to pull over to see the fuchsia/magenta colored paintbrushes up close.