horses at the stop sign

i was being driven around Northern Vermont by one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world…i saw so much beauty. at a high rate of speed, i tried desperately to relax & enjoy the view & i might have done, had i resided in Vermont. BUT, i am living in Alabama, i wanted…

finding peace

or building it with his own two hands. South Hero, Vermont

the pink car with the green tag

i shot this through a windshield…but i had too. a grey headed man with his chocolate lab in a pink car with a Lady Gaga Vermont Vanity plate.

wood in an artist’s hands

is like watching magic. This is MY bowl that is being created. Jedd Kettler, of Kettler Woodwork, is an artist. I am lucky to have a friend such as he, am i not? While i was visiting, Jedd seemed a bit overwhelmed with orders. Not because he couldn’t make the bowls, spoons & wine racks…