the professor will take your questions now…

“Professor Nala, why do you have dribble on your chin?” “bite me, mom” she thought (you can tell by her expression that is what she thought, do you see it too? 🙂 photography by Henry Saab (my 11 year old son)

my husky busy NOT looking at me

  stubborn dog. Siberian Huskies are very good at NOT doing what you’d like them to do. This is Nala, in the kitchen, waiting for my daughter’s crumbs to fall. She knows she is not allowed in the kitchen while we are eating, but i don’t think my daughter noticed her.  

the happy husky

this is Nala. we went out for a few hours & i sent in my daughter to take her out for a pee. i was getting flowers out of my trunk & this is Nala seeing me…after this photo, she was laughing & struggling to get to me. happy reunion for both of us 🙂

the husky with too much blush

Nala loves going to Saab Lake. On our first walk, she found…God only knows what, to rub her face into. Huskies really don’t like water much, usually. Nala LOVES it. She went swimming & fishing. She caught a stick that she thought was a fish.