it is time for some reflection

although, the last image is a photo of an old bar, closed. the chairs are upside down. i was looking through the window.

Wavy windows

Downtown Birmingham, Alabama…it is a pretty good looking mix of old & new architecture…and what-were-they-thinking buildings. My favorite is the old stuff, that seems to be where the love is. God is in the details. I think, with architecture, love is in the details. Older buildings, was a time when the craftsmen showed people what…

a window within a window

I find it amazing that in my travels around Mountain Brook, that even the town was know for money, but how little was spent on upkeep. Maybe they left it for me, so that I could take interesting photographs

Oops, the title “piles of window..” was about mantles

If you have an outdoor space & need some privacy, instead of all weather curtains, you could find some antique window about the same size & hang them them as is or have someone tile them in glass. I had a window or two hanging, with clear glass & I loved it.