who hunts humans?

least you forget, Mother Nature takes back what once belonged to her. & her partner, Father Time, never stops attempting (and succeeding) to turn everything back to dust…humans think of time as moving forward, ‘we make time’, we ‘find time’ as though we can control time. what we build & then what we claim as…

she doesn’t know how beautiful she is

which is why she feels limited at 25, usually the speed of youth flies by. Oy, that was a bit hard to come up with. Myer’s Plants & Pottery…i wish i had bought her too.

life upside down can be an improvement

right?! I mean, if The Department of Public Improvement flipped it’s own sign upside down…maybe adding foam insulation, cobwebs & pigeon poo will make things…improved? Under a bridge, downtown Birmingham, Alabama

fluff dry

This sign is so old that fluff dry was something only they could provide. Aladdin’s has a nice new sign on the front, I love that they left this old one on the back. The company must be an old one.