what the duck?

are you doing in my picture? Burlington, Vermont. Mallards on Lake Champlain water @sunset

turn your back from the sun

and you may find the light reflected back at you anyway. Burlington, Vermont…boardwalk on the shore of Lake Champlain

watching the sun dance

on the shore of Lake Champlain, Vermont. The light was interrupted only by the masts of the sailboats.

with my back to the sunset

i saw this. storm clouds had gathered over downtown Burlington, Vermont…the clouds had not reached Lake Champlain yet. the sunlight burned yellow/peach into┬áthe dark blue storm clouds, like nothing i’d ever seen.

first build the sailboat

then the fireplace mantel for it to rest upon. i’m glad he had his priorities right, otherwise, i wouldn’t have been able to shoot his amazing work. he builds anything, his house, his sailboats, a schooner, chairs…everything was him. then i found a sewing machine in his house…i thought it opposite from all that he…

why Lake Champlain rocks are blue

because Vermont is so damn cold. i’m kidding, these aren’t all really rocks, but slate. there are cliffs in places around the lake that stand over 6 stories high, these pieces of slate came from those cliffs. all the photos were taken in South Hero, Vermont. It was incredible. I walked around finding flat pieces…