a goose, the gas station & time

My kids gave me flowers & a card this morning. They were really beautiful  (and what they’ve always gotten me, a tradition) I didn’t expect anything else. The hugs that came with them were the best part. My daughter started making lunch while i was reading in the living room.  My daughter loves to cook…

posting to social media

my kids photographed their sushi before devouring it. This place has the BEST FOOD…Rock and Roll Sushi located at Patton Creek in Hoover, Alabama.

she likes taking photos!!!!

And she is good at it. My daughter told me she was going to take Photography in high school!! The, “i don’t like anything mom does” attitude is OVER. sigh. And she can SEE. She took these last weekend & for the first time ever, used her own photography as her screen saver on her…

a walk to the pool

and still i managed to get 2nd degree burns on my chest…i counted the blisters….15 mini ones.

time travel to the 1950’s

  When I was a little girl, my mother would take us to Woolworth’s on the Barre-Montpelier road(Vermont). On the very best days ever, she would treat us to lunch.  If someone asked me, then, what the very best place to eat was, it was the Woolworth’s lunch counter. Fries fried in good old heart…