the pink house…

is such a happy place to see. Photographed in California by R. Labbe

an Alabama farm…really?!

emu, llama, chickens, rooster, sheep…all in a pasture of fall yellow flowers. it felt more like seeing a gathering of Noah’s animals. It was so cool! ~amy

black-eyed peas & okra, anyone?

my husband went to a friend’s farm yesterday & brought home okra…this yankee has no idea what to do with either one. black-eyed peas & okra is a VERY Southern food. the squash is not edible anymore, too many seeds i’ve been told.

Murphree’s Market & Garden Center

i think nature screams in bright colors to be noticed & eaten. I sure noticed. This Market is a few minutes from my house. I am very lucky to have an open Market so close by. It is a locally owned & family operated business. Its located in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

cows, chickens, dogs & a happy me

Pell city, Alabama. A day spent in the county, with temps in the mid 70s. a great time spent shaking off the regular of everyday.