I am changing how we celebrate Hanukkah.

Pretty audacious, right? well, i am tired of tiptoeing around what is right & wrong with how to celebrate Hanukkah. i grew up in Vermont with two parents, my father is Jewish & my mother converted. We grew up celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah. we got a Christmas tree. perhaps a day or two before Christmas….

no house is happy without a disco ball

a fantastic cure for the grumps. if i’m grumpy, tired, overwhelmed all i have to do is walk into my kitchen from 11-4 & BOOM, i am magically better. ~amy

the sun & me, we danced.

& we had a ball. There is one square mirror, my brain keeps trying to convince me, that looks like Mona Lisa’s eye peeking at me from within the ball. But that cannot be…because she is in the Louvre. Do you see her?