the pink house…

is such a happy place to see. Photographed in California by R. Labbe

the cat joins the dogs

i believe they are thinking, “whatcha makin’?” These three belong to my twin brother. Lucky guy!

stain your garden beds blue

My twin brother built these last weekend. I love that he stained the wood blue. Jealous me! I can’t wait until he puts in some plants/flowers/veggies/fruit…He works at a Nursery in Berkeley, California. So he will know HOW IT’S DONE.

a westie out west

and of course, the fabulous Ms. Bonnie, a Cairn Terrier. Brody is the Westie. Both dogs & photographs are property of my twin brother, Jason. He lives in Berkeley, California

downtown Berkeley lunch

a typical day belonging to my twin brother. He lives in California & shares his sights with me. A joint effort.

as seen through my twin’s eyes

These photos where taken 2.5 miles from his home in Berkeley, while he was walking his dogs. These were taken at Emeryville Marina. I love to see what he sees.