the grown up toy store for gardeners

Something for everyone at Leaf & Petal’s Cahaba Heights location. Privately owned & operated – #buylocal         (shhh, this place is so cool, i picked up a job application (working from home can get boring)…imagine spending the day deadheading flowers!

the flowers & the cat

Juju, my cat, doesn’t like when i find something to do that doesn’t involve him. He had to be the center of attention. and you know what? I am grateful. He is one cool cat. These are my African Daisies from pots outside. Their stems were short, so i needed a small vase. Stunning flowers…and…

the mirror on my desk

i always thought it was old fashioned to put a mirror, laid flat, on top of furniture. But man, does it make my flowers twice as stunning. The first image is one of my favorite spring annuals, the African daisy. African daisies come in lots of colors & sizes, but the purple are my favorite….