72 hours in Panama City

I went to Panama City Beach with my best friend the weekend before last. i took my camera with me. i even brought it into the beach house. but i didn’t use it, not once. Some of these images were shot with either my iphone or my ipad. The shots of the crab were taken…

The cat approved

Judah liked something in the flowers from the farmer’s market.

farm to table restaurants in Birmingham

There is a long list of restaurants, in Birmingham, Alabama, that use fresh produce from local farmers. ┬áBy choosing a restaurant that buys it’s fresh produce from our local farmers, you are supporting two local businesses. I would suggest googling Farm to Table in Birmingham, Alabama (or your own city) next time you’re thinking of…

the things people make

This isn’t everything i saw that day. The Pepper Place Farmer’s Market was a sprawling plethora of eye candy. Here are some of the local artists that set up camp that Saturday morning. ┬áThis is what America doesn’t know about Alabama…the good stuff.

Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, Alabama

As a former Vermonter, i was used to Farmer’s Markets. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday Morning, in Burlington, Vermont, was to grab breakfast. Usually i bought a loaf of homemade bread & some cheese to go with it. i could eat it sitting on Church Street watching the people go by. The…