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Have you ever experienced a time in your life that had too many coincidences to ignore? lately, i’d say within the last month, it has happened to me, again. Sherlock Season 3, episode 2 ‘Sign of Three’ Mycroft Holmes, “Oh, Sherlock, what do we say about coincidence?” Sherlock,”…Universe is rarely so lazy” i will try…

more powerful incomplete?

These drawings/blueprints were framed in IPChurch on Highland Ave.  (Cathedrals in France.) shot through glass, the reflections of what is behind me obscures detail. apologies. i’ve noticed that blueprints of things have become quite popular. my son received the Millennium Falcon blueprint poster as a Hanukkah gift this year. But there is  something very special…

i have a question

i mean, my business card says, ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER….all i want for Christmas this year is a brand new, old used Nikon D90 body. sigh. i’m eBay-ing for one. the flash is broken too. Murphy’s law LOVES messing with me.

how to sprinkle glitter.

she opened it when i was picking up snowflakes. when i saw her, i started laughing & just let her do it. However, being the super smart person that i am, i left the glitter OPEN, inside the bag i used to carry my supplies to this preschool. I still haven’t the courage to face…

wrap the dogs around you

the first picture reminds me of the song, “all around the Mayberry bush” except it is my son in the middle. these were taken a few years ago. Before the love of my live dog died. last week it was 70 degrees and this morning we have frost. I find myself complaining either way? Maybe…

70 degree December in Alabama

this artificial tree is at my lawyer’s office lobby. in front of HUGE windows leading to the front doors to a 70 degree day. BTW Vermont? Alabama wants your Birch tree branches. They sell them here. These “logs” cost over $100 a piece.

The bridge that holds up the neighborhood

my old stomping grounds. Montpelier, Vermont. My daughter told me that when she grows up, she is going to be a millionaire. & own 15 houses. i can live in house she buys in Montpelier. i can’t wait 🙂