how i keep Coco’s cage clean

Hamsters are super cute. but the do pee a lot. so to save me time & money, i bought, ‘Pure Nature’ cat litter. it is made from cedar, pine & corn. I put it at the bottom of her cage, then cover that with the regular hamster pet bedding stuff. This keeps her cage cleaner…

take a hike…craft

a fantastic art project for summer vacation hikers. Step 1. find a thick, tall & somewhat dry stick. find some really cool leaves, (fresh, like pick them off a branch). remove some of the bark (on the stick you find) with a knife. apply masking tape, to make strips, in whatever pattern you’d like. i…

I am changing how we celebrate Hanukkah.

Pretty audacious, right? well, i am tired of tiptoeing around what is right & wrong with how to celebrate Hanukkah. i grew up in Vermont with two parents, my father is Jewish & my mother converted. We grew up celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah. we got a Christmas tree. perhaps a day or two before Christmas….

make your own abstract

take photo of still water with fall foliage reflected in it…maybe not so still, a little wave would be good–throw a rock into it-if its too still.

I demand your attention

geez, how can you not have it?! these suckers grow in winter in Alabama. how cool, or freezing, is that?

jump in the puddles

Under the supervision of the moon, of course. I wanted to do something fun for our holiday cards one year. I had planned to go to Full Moon Bar-B-Q anyway, but then it rained & i thought, even better.

zen garden (photo editing tip)

the first image is what it looked like to my eyes. the second image is what it looked like to my camera. to edit second image to look like what i SAW when i took the image, i added yellow & red–because the second image is cyan/blue. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens–Japanese Garden.