Wednesday Afternoon Art!

this class is so much fun because of the age differences–2nd-6th graders. this is the frog on bamboo art collage we’ve been working on for about three weeks. it is a mix of scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, watercolor & nail polish. we love to mix things up. today, we started making droids in honor of…

the Maine Coon kitten

i put this one first to show the kitten had THUMBS! his tail had to be at least two feet long.

like an angel

sleeping like an angel @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery. Pelham, Alabama

the blue cat

i added a lot of red/yellow to this image to bring Quicksilver back to his natural color. Perhaps, i should show you the before? Quicksilver is my feral cat. he befriended my other cat named Hobbes. I think Hobbes told Quicksilver that i was safe. every morning, i open my back door to take the…

misselanias nails are above the torch gas

is Misslanias a brand of nail? this just cracked me up, i mean torch gas in a filing cabinet? and before you tell me i’ve misspelled miscellaneous, i’m getting your attention, did it work?

flowers for rabbits

i have these tiny mums growing, among thousands of others. these wee mums are the size of dimes. which makes them perfect for my one inch tall vase.

every which way i turned

i found something i wanted. i wanted all three of these wine crates/boxes. I am going back tomorrow, maybe i will get them. if i don’t, i will regret it.