no house is happy without a disco ball

a fantastic cure for the grumps. if i’m grumpy, tired, overwhelmed all i have to do is walk into my kitchen from 11-4 & BOOM, i am magically better. ~amy

and she smiles

seeing my daughter this happy is soooooooo good. ~amy

easy, cheaper, more creative way to cover windows

“stained glass” watercolor paintings to used for privacy–i have one in my bedroom, the other in the bathroom. Non-street side of the house. What you need: Watercolor paper (this is 11×15) Chisel tip black Sharpie ruler watercolor paints (on the front the kids & i used regular $1.00 paint, on the back–LOVE is “cool” colors,…

i am happy

i have fibromyalgia. the medicine i take has an awful side effect–dry mouth. everyone has felt dry mouth, usually after playing a sport or shopping for a long time. most people drink something & they are better. people who suffer dry mouth deal with this discomfort every minute of every day. for years i’ve tried…

dirty dog

i have no idea how she did this, but it is adorable!

who wants to brush the dog?

Poor Nala has been neglected. My whole family & me…got the stomach bug. I gotta say, when i finally recovered, i felt like Dr. Frankenstein, with a twist, “I’m Alive, i’m alive, i’m alive” off to brush the dog.