why it’s SO important to keep raising the cost of college …

because we wouldn’t want the bankers to end up on the streets. (or commoners to believe they have the right to rise above their stations. one of them may invent a way to fuel cars without gas, and without a need for gas, we’d have no reason to send these commoners to foreign lands to…

winter is coming…

this picture is to remind us all, when we are buried deep under our blankets, that THIS is what summer feels like. AND this is what HAPPY looks like.

hold me?

yes, as long as i walk this earth–thought her father.

poor husky

instead of being the carpet at the top of the stairs, she is in 70 degree shade, a breeze as soft as a whisper, watching her world go by.

yellow! orange you beautiful?

i really, really love the last image…the soft focus on the HUGE zinnia & the wee yellow weed flowers sharp as a tack.