serving up perfection

i wish. really, he made this for himself, it was too perfect not to take it…in someway. so i took it as a photo, which means i can drool over it every time i see it…maybe that wasn’t a good idea?

Granite Quarry in Vermont—a must see!

This is where my Grandfather worked as a young man. He would take stairs built down the side of those cliffs. This is where my Mom & Uncle were born & raised…and attending a one room school house. I wish i’d taken this photograph, because it would have meant i had gone home. ~amy

what you can paint with…

with matt board & nail polish. The Hebrew word is Shalom-Peace. That one is my favorite because i would think it more precious then any treasure. I am still trying to perfect the technique so that i can teach others. It is pure magic to make anything.