When someone schedules their child for a shoot, a standard one. i ALWAYS ask if i can use some for my blog. I ask the teen, if i can do her hair differently, sometimes i use props like hats or jewelry, clothes. I was given permission yesterday with this senior. She needed no props.

my garden shines

wow. changes happen overnight…i suppose the expression, “When nature calls” it means something completely different for me. i feel the need to go outside every morning to see what is new.

set them against blue…

cosmos, joseph’s coat roses, african daisies…all came from my gardens this morning. Yummy

a lost cat, that has found me

this lost kitten (?) found me. It took a few weeks before she would come close to me. i saw her only at dusk & dawn. But this morning, she found me & asked for some food, which i did. I gardened all morning & she stayed with me for a few hours. I think…

Oscar loves his mason jar

the green behind the jar are the lovely green spider mums. I suppose Oscar is happy because he has diamonds on the floor

the sun is backlit…

i suppose to be truthful, i would have titled this photo as ‘the suns are backlit’ but that would be a bit crazy, right?

i always wish for the same thing

i’ve had many wishes come true in my life, but never the one i wish for when i blow dandelion seeds. maybe they don’t work?

my first roses stun me

these are Joseph’s coat roses. The bloom color can vary from rose to rose…most tend to lean this color.