standing out orange

the first photo has stunningly orange flowers. the second photo is of orange blossoms…someday soon, with luck & love, they too, will be orange.

color outshines detail

So i removed the color, to view their form. seeing flowers this way, i can just image them unfolding in real time. weird?

how proud she would be…

My grandmother had flowering African Violets in her kitchen windows. I loved them as a child. When i got my own apartment, i bought some for myself. The flowers faded & died. I kept trying & i kept killing them. I asked my Grandmother how did she get her African Violets to look so beautiful?…

what others see

when they look at me–on a good hair day…and a little editing.

wanna go get some Sculpey?!

because we can try to make these! These were made by my amazingly gifted & fun mother. She made these to place on top of her handmade origami boxes that she sells…it looks like she used stamps, the pasta maker(makes clay super skinny to roll up & make beads or buttons) to make the black&white…