the art critic

This is Hobbes, my cat. He loves to eat, sleep and ART CLASS. Hobbes jumps on the art table while i’m teaching children. He watches, tries to pick up a pencil. He is looking at a baby foot print (4 month old baby) Some girls decided we should make Hobbes. I chose Zen Doodling b/c…

mum is perfect

this wee ‘vase’ (salt shaker) sits on my desk with a few other vases–holding only mums.

blooming in winter

This is my lemon tree. It lives in a pot, spring, summer & fall, it sits in the sun on my deck. Winter, it lives in my living room. That is when the magic happens.

painting the foot

When this babe was a month old, her mother & i decided we would paint her foot, once a month, for a year. We decided on the color wheel, twice. Educational–much later & super cute. This foot is 5 months old.

Vermont through his eyes

I live in Alabama. Sunday afternoon, i spent working in my gardens–because it was 68 degrees. i had perennials peeking up through the dirt, and yet…i envied Kip’s thigh deep Vermont snow. I love Kip’s photography & he is generous enough to share them with me.

finding treasure (& eating it) in Alabama

the BEST food i’ve EVER tasted. SHINDIGS¬† i started this blog to show local, PRIVATELY OWNED, businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. i am a huge believer in BUYING LOCAL. keeping the money home. owning your own business takes immense courage…i’ve always been impressed with anyone brave enough to venture out into the world on their own….

a fishtastic commission!

This is one of the best commissions I¬†ever had. i love painting for grown ups, but…for children?! The very best jobs I’ve had–have been commissions for children. It is a time for me to play, to create things that children would point to & laugh at. Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz of Steinmetz Pediatric Dentistry & Dr….

being human commission

This is a commission i finished for a Rabbi in Texas. Rabbi Scott commissioned me to create a logo for his classes. He is based in Texas, Shma Koleinu…Rabbi Scott suggested Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man for the logo. The name of his classes? ‘being Human’. I told him that woman & children are human too,…