street art

this parking meter was my favorite. they are used to collect money for the needy. i think it is a brilliant idea, don’t you?  Mobile, Alabama

Atlas is a woman?!

I would think Atlas would need someone to help, as it is my opinion, that man cannot succeed without his opposite, to give him the balance needed to hold the world aloft.

I would like to pet you

would you hurt me if i did? maybe i’m just living dangerously…standing this close to the sun.

the sun was photobombed by a moth

I took this with my iPhone, while i was shopping for perennials (most are 50% now) …I never saw the moth until i uploaded images i had snapped while shopping. I was shocked! Lucky me.

tree bark turn green when the rain falls

This tree is Mobile, Alabama…tree bark turns green in Birmingham too. While the tree remains dry, the bark is brown.  i love the Southern rains, always strong & heavy, nothing subtle about rain that falls here.  It is magic to drive the roads i do everyday, or to just look at my own backyard &…

the yellow bike

Please park it beside the yellow & blue fire hydrant. Cause it make for a great photograph! Mobile, Alabama