the cat who flirts

despite my bed head, my lack of proper attire or the fact that he is 35 years my junior, he still flirts with me. Hobbes on the deck this morning– making me feel loved & beautiful.

the treasure stands abandoned

my guess is that the owner cannot afford to fix it. Mother Nature has moved in despite the bars & chains on the door.

Jewelry by Paris München

The grey rectangle eliminates her telephone number, but not her name. She is a brilliant musician & a fantastic artist with her other choice of medium…jewelry. I have her bracelets & necklaces left to shoot & i will be making up a gallery on this blog of her things…mostly because i am a BIG fan…

blue hydrangeas lighten things up a bit

these came from just one of my hydrangeas. I have about 10 more hydrangea that haven’t bloomed yet because they are in shade. I am looking forward to having  these throughout my house for a month or more. life seems a little easier with blue flowers in soda bottles throughout my house.