i’ve got the Monday blues

lucky me. it took me 15 minutes to pick the blueberries this morning. it took about 3 minutes for our family of five to eat half. the tomatoes & one strawberry came out of the gardens today too.  

WordPress Weekly Photo challenge: Contrasts

This is Blue, my solid white Siberian Husky, with Sweet Pea–a Humane Society Rescue. Sweet Pea was up there for about five seconds, so composition wise…not so great. BUT contrast between little dog & big dog is there. White dog & black dog is there. It shows enough of Blue to tell that he thought…

i made a headstone for my pets

the first image is wet with the white Mod Podge. when it dries, it becomes clear… i wanted to make something personalized for my dog & cat graves. my cat, Walter is under a tree in our backyard. our dog Blue is at the lake. i looked into having something made, but it was far…

she decided to apply the glitter…

with her hands. i thought at thirteen, she would have outgrown playing with glitter. but then, she is my daughter.  i still play with it too.

Scottish thistle in Alabama

i planted this Scottish thistle in honor of my Grandmother. i love that the plant has sharp pointed leaves to protect the softness of the flower. a lot like some people i know.