Lavender for your vacuum cleaner?

i have a bed of different types of lavender. i dry the flowers inside, in a vase without water. might as well look beautiful as they dry. after the blossoms have dried, i keep them in a jar. when i vacuum the rugs, i add the dried lavender into the vacuum container. when i’m finished,…

the tomatoes? they grow…

these are a type of cherry tomato. i have better luck with small tomatoes because my gardens are not full sun.

my prince

Hobbes is an artist, he is a model, a snuggle bug & a hunter of small things that dig in my gardens. he is all things rolled into one, my champion.

the Zebra Succulent is up to something

this little offshoot is about 10inches long. i looked up Zebra Succulent flower & they are not that impressive. but still, its nice to see that my little Zebra is happy enough to grow