air & water

air plant sit atop a waterlily pad. a great idea, having your own pad

Vermont State Capitol

This is my childhood hometown. I miss it down to my bones. Wish I Was There. Places Unknown Last week we did a quick drive through the Vermont, just in time to catch some day light and take a few photos. Yep, this is another one under my belt, and now with the exception of…

his third four leaf clover

We sat in the grass to watch my daughter’s race. My son tells me he has found two four leaf clovers before & tells he is going to try to find another. Thirty seconds later he turns around holding this. I knew i was lucky when he was born.

keep calm & meow on

these kittens were at my daughter’s last cross country meet. they were surrounded by hundreds of people & quite a few dogs. neither kitten showed any fear. the shirt is a bonus.