window box filled with life

the box containing the flowers is rotting away, the snow has done a number on the door. The flowers look so alive that they appear as though they find the box a bit confining & wish to escape it. Montpelier, Vermont

Did you thistle?

Scottish Thistle found on a hill top in Vermont. Sharp spikes below the softest, sweetest pink fuzz.

Cutest car ever

My daughter photographed this car while on a trip to Prague

Prague through her eyes

My daughter went on a trip to Prague when she was 16.  She took all these photographs with a small pink point & shoot.  She helped me edit them & add her name. I am proud of her trip to the other side of the world to visit history.  This was a trip planned by…

Siberian Huskies

These Huskies have all had a hold on my heart, still do.  Only Nala, a former foster, is living with us, we adopted her.  Solomon was adopted by a wonderful family & the solid white husky (my first & my heart) passed on in February 2013.