a shoot yesterday

I love SuzBella Jewelry. You can see some on her blog SuzBella.com it will be linked to a website where you’ll be able to buy it. Suzanne is an amazing artist when it comes Jewelry & I hope you seek it out.

How I outwit the blinding, overexposed noon day sun…

I dislike taking pictures during the brightest time of day, if I do I seek solid shadows, but I wanted this rose two toned rose. To outwit the sun, I got on my belly & took the photograph from below. There is nothing glaring, the vibrant colors can be seen & a huge bonus, I…

pray for us

an angel praying in the botanical gardens.

I love this window display

What are the cages for? I’ve noticed first came the little eggs, then eggs in the nest & now birdcages…but no birds. Strange fad.