The Red Door

Locked up tight, like Fort Knox. Except for the bottom, the mice can come & go as they please.

Wet petunias

Glorious! God invented velvet long before we did.

Roses in the refrigerator

Stunning, I wanted to buy them all. But for some reason, cut roses don’t last long in my house. I baby them, trim yucky ends change their water, tell them how beautiful they are…(I personify inanimate objects, a bit mad?)

Purple Gladiolus

OOoohhh, I want those for my cut flower garden! Unfortunately my cut garden is full 😦

$3 for a bit of sunshine, that seems fair

I have lilies like this only they are a butter yellow. I love powerful colors in my house. I feel their strength. It takes strength to be so bold. I tend to wear butter yellow, but as I age, I really would rather people notice the colors I wear then the crows feet I can’t…


‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.’ -George Bernard Shaw

Let the sun shine down on me

I love the background of these sunflowers-blue glass. This was taken at the Western Super Market florist department-stunning place