my window herb garden, its just sitting on my art desk

I found the post 3 for 9.99 50% so I bought them all-two left. Then I used picmonkey to make the lables, printed them,cut them out, then painted them on with modge podge, which makes it waterproof. I bought cilantro the most, because it will be something we make all summer with the tomatoes from…

purple up against a wall

I’ve never noticed purple tulips before. I think that they have a matallic look to them. Shine on.

not for a weak stomach

Yes, that is Nala killing her pink pig again. Nala’s favorite toys are pink pigs. Sophie sewed its head back on a couple of months ago & Nala has yet to rip it back off. Which I would consider a complement to Sophie’s sewing. However, Sophie still has work to do. I bought a pig…

The Claws

Yes, I was rubbing the tummy in order to photograph the things that have done so much damage to skin, rugs, chairs, stools, laundry baskets, walls, doors, wall paper… and yet dispite all that destruction, shoveling out poo & pee, sleeping in an uncomfortable position for fear of her leaving, we still fight over her…

mini mums

regular mums are sold in the fall, mini mums are sold in the spring? Amazing, because they grow back every year turning into a bush in the summer