My Kingdom for an Editor

Forgive the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, leaving words out,or putting them in twice.  Its just me sitting in my chair, with my mother across town sitting in her chair, reading my stuff, but not editing it for me, not that I’ve asked her, I just assumed, she didn’t want me to look like a…

Who is this child?

Most people fall into a broad category of terms to define who they are. Words I’d use to describe myself would differ greatly from how others would describe me. We all make assumptions on appearance or on a career choice or what schools we attended. The characteristics that are familiar in anyone I meet, I…

Sophie’s art

Sophie's art

My 10 year daughter’s artwork blows me away.
close ups tomorrow

motorcycles or the study of light

I used to ride on the back of my Dad’s motorcycle when I was a kid.  I would ride in my Poppy’s side car all over Hartford, Conn. I’ve not been on a bike in 35 years, since becoming mortal.   I always thought motorcycles were a form of art. My first attempt at painting…